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    Social Services Translation & Interpreting

    Trusted by agencies of all sizes

Helping You Connect in a Multilingual World

At Dynamic Language, we translate  into over 150 languages and we supply ISO-certified language services for the following types of organizations:

  • Federal, state, city and county agencies
  • School districts, colleges and universities for communication with non-English speaking students and parents
  • Social service agencies
  • Healthcare organizations
  • non-profit organizations


Community Connection

At Dynamic Language, we hire quality translators and interpreters that work with community members to ensure that written translation content is culturally appropriate through the use of community feedback.  This is especially important for evaluating translation terminology for ethnic groups with varying dialects.  

Our interpreters can attend official community events to ensure that LEP (Limited English Proficiency) attendees are able to fully understand the critical discussions that can affect them and their families.  

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Giving a Voice to Multicultural Communities

As the number of non-English speaking residents in the US grows, government agencies of all sizes come to us for help in communicating with their multilingual community. We have a dedicated team of translators and interpreters with extensive experience and expertise in language services for area agencies.

We don’t simply specialize in Spanish translation either – as with all of our language services, we can cater to a range of government needs in more than 150 languages and dialects. Our ability to offer these diverse ISO-certified services at a reasonable cost is the reason that government agencies at the highest level  have consistently chosen Dynamic Language for quality they can trust.