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    Localization Strategy Advantages and Disadvantages

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DL_Preview_Human_vs_Machine_ChecklistPlanning & preparation can determine whether or not your localization efforts will succeed

When your source content has been optimized for localization prior to engaging with a localization firm, your costs will be minimized, and your success maximized. However, if you prematurely jump into localization, the process can be long, costly, and in a worst case scenario, can even damage your brand.  

The white paper below details the steps that writers, editors, designers and project managers can take to help prevent costly breakdowns when localizing content.

Plan ahead and prevent mistakes that can break budgets, and embarrass organizations with our free offerIs Your Content Ready for Localization? This offer provides:

  • Tips for authoring content with localization in mind
  • Checklists for optimizing content to prevent localization issues
  • Questions to ask Language Service Providers (LSPs)

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