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lisa-globalization-primer-cover-300.jpgSpeaking on behalf of the language services industry, LISA (the Localization Industry Standards Association) instills the wisdom of its industry leader members and presents a clear, unbiased view of the challenges associated with globalization, the standards that apply, and the worldwide resources that are available. While LISA has since disbanded, its findings remain more relevant than ever. As former LISA members, we found great ideas and knowledge in this Primer, and hope that through hosting it we can share these benefits with you too.

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If you don't have a strong localization strategy foundation, it’s time to start building that knowledge. This Primer is designed to introduce you to the concepts of globalization, internationalization, and localization, along with their roles in international business today. It presents the history and current role of the industry, and will help you understand the business opportunities that globalization offers. It also provides all the reference information needed to better understand the technical aspects of globalization.

Download our free Primer and use the best practices shared within as a roadmap to your localization success.

What you will learn:

The Globalization Industry Primer has over 60 pages of tips, tricks and best practices for:

  • Localization planning tips – the steps you can take on the front end, to save money and headaches down the line
  • What tools are available – the major technologies involved in localization, and the roles they play
  • Best practices – understand what is expected of a reputable translation provider 

We hope that you will find the Primer useful, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about what it takes to prepare your products and services for international success.

LISA.jpgAbout the author

LISA was the language industry’s oldest association, providing a forum in which organizations could exchange information on globalization best practices, strategies, standards, and business issues. Over 400 members from leading IT manufacturers and solutions providers, along with industry professionals from various market sectors with an international business focus, helped establish LISA best practice guidelines and language-technology standards for enterprise globalization.


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