Guide to Retail Product Localization

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3d_retail_cover.pngMaintaining a global brand in today’s retail and apparel industry both rewarding and challenging.  Global expansion allows your company to grow it's customer base exponentially and to create value by gaining access to new labor pools.

However, there are some challenges involved with globalization in retail. Retail customers across the globe are each unique, influenced by culture as well as local regulations. Label and packaging requirements can vary significantly by region and country. Whether expanding into a new country or within ethnic communities in the United States, customers from different cultures usually prefer to shop in their own language. Your product success relies on creating a shopping experience that speaks to your target customer directly.

Make sure that your team is adequately prepared to tackle its next global product launch. This FREE ebook will present you with some best practices and solutions that pertain to globalization in the retail and apparel industry.

This ebook will cover:

  • Best Practices and First Steps
  • Creating Your Brand in a New Culture
  • Localizing, Translating and Transcreation
  • Complying With Foreign Packaging Requirements

Successfully globalizing your business can bring about an exponential increase in revenue, the opportunity to learn and understand an entirely new set of customers, and the ability to network with partners across the globe.

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