How we price language service projects

stick_figure_qa_pc_2391.pngFor people outside of the language services industry, the methodology for the pricing for services isn’t always an inherently obvious thing. Hopefully this page can help clarify some of the logic and terms.


Translation and localization projects are typically priced on a per-word basis with some variable factors including:

  • target language
  • source content complexity
  • graphic design needs
  • deadlines requiring expedition

Another factor in pricing is previously translated content and the possibility of re-utilizing it. Our cloud-based translation memory tool stores all of your translation content, allowing for increased consistency and cost savings opportunities. This tool allows you to reuse phrases and paragraphs on future projects at a drastically reduced cost.

How do we define words?

There are three types of word pricing as follows.

New Word Rate 

A new word or sentence of text that has not been previously translated. This content is calculated at full price.

Fuzzy Word Rate 

“Fuzzy Words” describe the word count for sentences that are very similar to previously translated text, but not exactly 100%. There are different levels of “Fuzzy Words” and typically only the top few levels make sense to work with, as “low level” fuzzy matches are better off being re-translated. (Your account manager can help define which levels make the most sense to work with and what the rates should be). Sentences do not require as much time or attention, but still need to be proofed to ensure accuracy and consistency. For each level of fuzzy match, we charge an increasing percentage of the full per-word translation price. 


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100% Match / Repetitive Text Rates

100% Match, and/or Repetitive Text rate is the highest discount you can receive. The phrases or sentences are identical to previously translated content (100% Match), or on sentences in your new content that repeats multiple times and only has to be translated once (Repetitive Text). A good example would be a phrase such as "Click OK to continue’. To confirm, all Repetitive or 100% Match text is proofread in context to ensure consistency and accuracy.d that all pre-translated text should be proofread in context to ensure document consistency. You pay approximately 33% of the full word cost for this.

Independent Review

Dynamic language translation projects undergo an initial translation by an accredited linguist, native to the target language, and usually a subject matter expert for the topic being translated. Subsequently,a review is performed by another translator with the same qualifications, which we call "independent Review." Like Translation, Independent Review is usually charged on a per-word basis.  

Graphic Design

Projects that require layout manipulation or editing  graphical elements have a line item called "Graphic Design," which is priced based on an hourly basis. Translated text may take up as much as 35% more area than English, and often we will need to adjust the graphics as needed to accommodate the translated text.


Pricing for Transcreation and Cultural Consulting projects is typically on an hourly basis. The hourly rate will fluctuate based on the specific needs and complexity of the project. 

Transcreation is the next step in the process of aligning your brand message with a culturally diverse audience. A language service provider that provides transcreation services will start with the concepts that your brand is trying to convey and develop unique content for target audiences in various countries that will convey your brand message more clearly to specific cultural audiences.

Since the actual content is developed in the target language, you have assurance that the content will be culturally appropriate, linguistically correct, and on point with your business objectives. Thus, transcreation provides the best user experience for native speakers in your target markets by conveying your brand message in a way that resonates in their own mother tongue.

Transcreation may also affect the layout of your marketing materials or the images that are used to convey thoughts and ideas. Finding a language service provider that offers transcreation services is the best way to ensure that your marketing message is appropriate both linguistically and culturally for your target audience and is consistent with the branding message and user experience you want to convey.


Subtitling and narration projects are priced on a per-word basis. We take into account varying factors specific to your project's needs such as:

  • will subtitles be hard coded?
  • Is a script provided?
  • Will transcription be needed before project can begin?


In-Person Interpreting

Pricing for in-person interpreting is billed on an hourly basis and can vary by language. Additional charges, such as mileage reimbursement and parking for the interpreter, may also apply.

Court-certified interpreters are available for legal appointments. Court-certified and court-registered languages are also priced on an hourly basis. In some case, there may be a need for a language that the State of Washington Courts does not currently have a certification program in place for. In these cases, we offer the services of interpreters who do have some level of court/legal experience.

Languages available for legal certified interpreting include: Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, French, Korean, and Mandarin. Registered languages include: American Sign Language (ASL), Amharic, Bosnian, Burmese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu, Tagalog, Samoan and Japanese.

All in-person interpreting requests have a two hour minimum.

Telephonic Interpreting

Pricing for telephonic interpreting is a per minute flat rate. 

Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

Pricing for conference simultaneous interpreting is typically billed at either a half-day or full-day rate, with the inclusion of equipment rental fees. Other charges such as mileage reimbursement, meal per diem, and parking for the interpreter may also apply.

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