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    Mobile App Localization

    See why so many app developers have chosen Dynamic Language

At Dynamic we will ensure your app UI is localized and tested for any platform.  We offer app localization in 150+ languages.

By localizing your mobile app you can address cultural nuance to increase trust and create a better overall customer experience.

Here are some of the services involved with app localization:

  • Design a UI that handles foreign character sets and even right-to-left languages
  • Anticipate the display and keyboard challenges of devices built for foreign markets
  • Provide a positive purchasing experience for your buyers in their own languages
  • Culture-dependent meanings of icons and underlying connotations of color schemes
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Locale-dependent variations, such as date formats (dd-mm-yyyy vs. mm-dd-yyyy), calendar systems (e.g., Japanese use an Imperial Calendar, Muslim and Hebrew calendars are based on lunar months), currency, address formats, etc.

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